23769 - Trust Pacto 2 - Strömförsörjningsbank

10000 mAh - 37 Wh - 15 Watt - 3 A - 3 utdatakontakter (2 x USB, USB-C)
Finns i lager Förväntad 2021-02-08
Tillverkare Trust
Artikelnr 23769
  • 387 kr exkl moms
  • Information
    • High-density design: pocket-size with high capacity for power-charging on the go
    • Fits in any pocket or bag
    • Fast and smart: delivers the maximum power for your devices
    • Compatible with all phones and tablets, including Apple and Samsung
    • Stay connected: recharge your phone up to 4x
    • Up to 46 extra hours of phone battery or 12 extra hours on your tablet
    • Charge 3 devices at once thanks to USB-C port and 2 USB ports
    • Fast-recharge the powerbank via included micro-USB cable or USB-C port
    • Smart LED level indicator lets you know when it's time to recharge

    Stay powered-up whilst on the move. With the Pacto2 Pocket-Sized Powerbank 10.000 mAh you can get your phone or tablet back to full power wherever you are. With enough battery for up to 46 hours of extra device life and with its handy portable travel size, the days of black screens are over.

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